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Promotions Terms and Conditions


1. Terms and Conditions Applicable to all Promotions

2. Number Transfer Promotion (Port In)

3. Best Rates

4. Advance Credit

5. Tesco offers

6. NUS Promotional

7. Discount plan promotion

8. Refer and Earn program

9. Black Friday Promotion 2020


1.1 The Promoter is Lebara Mobile Ltd, 7th Floor, 2 Clove Crescent, East India Docks, E14 2BE

1.2 The General Terms and Conditions of Lebara as well as the Mobile Terms and Conditions (together, the “General Terms” which can be viewed at apply to all Lebara Promotions. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of these promotion, and the General Terms and Conditions of Lebara, the General Terms and Conditions shall take precedence.

1.3 Promotions may be withdrawn or changed at any time in full or in part at the absolute discretion of Lebara.

1.4 Lebara reserves the right in its absolute discretion, including where it considers there to have been, and/or there is a suspicion of, any breach of these terms and conditions, any fraud or any abuse of the service, to terminate suspected illegitimate services.

1.5 All Lebara allowances for national, international, and Lebara to Lebara calls are billed per minute and rounded up to the nearest minute. Minimum call duration is 1 minute. 

1.6. Where promo codes are being used to avail a promotional offer, customer must create a MyLebara account to use the promo code. Any promo code can be used only once per customer, unless otherwise stated.  Promotions must be redeemed within the time stated in the offer details and may require a minimum spend as given in the details of the promotion.


2. Number Transfer Promotion


2.1 In order to qualify for £10 credit, customer should have successfully ported into Lebara from their previous network and subsequently made a purchase of £5.

2.2 A £10 credit will be credited to the relevant SIM Card and may be used to make calls, SMS or browse data.

2.3 The £10 credit will be credited no later than 72 hours after the first top up mentioned in point 1.

2.4  The number transfer promotion can be used in conjunction with other Lebara offers, schemes and rewards. 

2.5 Promotion may be changed or withdrawn at Lebara's sole discretion.


3. Best Rates


3.1 All Lebara UK customers except those on UK Plus/Flexi passes/AIO passes can at any time benefit from the Lebara Best rates subject to the following conditions.

3.2 You must top up whether on-line on or in-store a minimum of £5 or above then on the same day as your top up, you must send an SMS opt-in i.e. send an SMS with the keyword ‘BEST’ to 38885 If you send this SMS after the day of your top up you will not be eligible to the Best Rates. Top ups done after the opt in will not be considered (even if such top ups are done on the same day as the opt in). Lebara will send a confirmation by SMS of the opt-in. The purchase will come from your PAYG balance.

3.3 If you do not top up but only send a free SMS with the keyword ‘BEST’ to 38885, you will not be eligible to the Lebara Best rates.

3.4 Provided you’ve opted-in in accordance with paragraph 3.2 above, after receiving confirmation, you can call on Lebara Best rates. The amount of the top up will determine for how long you can enjoy the Lebara Best rates (the “Validity Period”):

  • If you top up for £5 and opt in in accordance with paragraph 3.2 above, you can call at Lebara Best rates for a period of 7 days.
  • If you top up for a minimum of £10 or above and opt in, you can call at Lebara Best rates for a period of 30 days from the date of Lebara’s confirmation.
  • In case of multiple top ups done the same day before opt in, the Best Rate Validity Period will be the sum of the Validity Periods associated to each top up however it can never exceed more than 60 days. Top ups done after the opt in will not be considered (even if such top ups are done on the same day as the opt in).

3.5 To continue calling at Lebara Best rates after the expiry of the Validity Period you need to top up and opt in again as per the process described in para 3.2 above.

3.6 If you are a Lebara Mobile UK customer opted in to the Lebara Best rates, then you purchase a UK Plus/Flexi/AIO pass while you are on Lebara Best rates, you will not be able to continue enjoying the Lebara Best rates from the date of your purchase of UK Plus/Flexi/AIO pass: the UK Plus/Flexi/AIO pass will be applied.

3.7 If you are a Lebara Mobile UK customer opted in to the Lebara Best rates, you will automatically benefit from the Saver tariff for all other destinations than those included in the Best rates offer.


4. Advance Credit


4.1 When a Lebara PAYG UK customer runs out of mobile credit, they may receive a message from us offering advance credit grant to the value of up to £5, with a facilitation fee of up to £1.50. The offer message will clearly state the credit amount and the facilitation fee for the customer to accept.

4.2 Where a Lebara PAYG customer takes up the offer, the advance credit amount together with the applicable fee will be deducted from the PAYG UK customer’s next top up.

4.3 PAYG UK customers may accept the offered amount and applicable fee by texting ’GBP’ to 38885.

4.4 Eligibility subject to review and confirmation by Lebara.

4.5 Advance credit is valid for 30 days. If another top up is completed before the advance credit applied, the advance credit expiry will be reset.

4.6 Advance credit cannot be used to purchase additional products (such as passes), roaming, voicemail, MMS, Charged Content, Mobile Internet (Data), Customer service calls, 0800, 0845 or other “toll-free” numbers and cannot be transferred.

4.7 Advance credit will appear immediately after it is applied to the PAYG account.


5. Tesco Offers


5.1 Tesco Included £10 Free Call Credit When Bought With £10 Top Up

5.1.1 Proposition launches 7th November 2016 

5.1.2 Exclusive to customers purchasing a Lebara SIM pack in the following Tesco Stores in the United Kingdom: Tesco Extra, Tesco Superstore, Tesco Express, Tesco Metro (for purpose of these terms and conditions, “Customers”).

5.1.3 Applies to Pay as You Go Tops ups completed in the Tesco Stores as defined in clause 11A.2 above or online only on by Customers (as defined in paragraph 11A.2 above).

5.1.4 Customers who make a £10 top up denomination or more will receive £10 free credit to make UK calls. If customer do 2 £5 top up the £10 free credit will not be applied. UK calls will be charged at 0.35p/min.

5.1.5 Promotion limited to the first 6 top ups only. Customers can receive maximum of up to £60 UK calls free (where each £10 top up or more being made will give £10 worth of UK calls free).

5.1.6 The £10 for free calls can only be used to make calls to UK landlines and mobiles (excluding premium calls). UK landline calls are those made to area codes 01, 02 and 03, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The rate charged will be at 0.35p/min for landlines and mobiles.


6. NUS Promotional


6.1 This promotion is open to any person resident in the United Kingdom who is eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry and who is a registered NUS member with a valid NUS card at the time of the promotion. IF YOU ARE NOT A REGISTERED MEMBER OF THE NUS YOUR USE OF THE PROMOTIONAL OFFER WILL NOT BE VALID AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE OFFERED DISCOUNT. Employees of Lebara or its affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotion agencies are not eligible, nor are members of these employees’ families (being parents, children, siblings, spouses or life partners).

6.2 You may be asked to provide identification proving your eligibility before the discounted offer can be applied

6.3 To receive the NUS promotional discount, simply follow the standard Lebara online purchase journey at, entering your NUS number in the promotional code area for the discount to then be applied. You must register a MyLebara account to be able to use promocodes.

6.4 The 10% discount can be applied to any online top-up or plan purchased by a valid participant. Use of the promotional offer constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Lebara reserves the right to disqualify anyone who violates these Terms and Conditions.

6.5 Personal data which you provide when topping up may be used for future marketing activity by the Lebara Group if you do not opt-out (if applicable) at the point of entry. If you do opt-out, your personal data will be used by Lebara and agents acting on Lebara’s behalf only for the operation of applying the NUS discount.

6.6. Promotion may be withdrawn at any time at Lebara's discretion.


7. Discounted Plan promotion 


7.1   This promotion can only be redeemed by customers who have been selected for the offer and informed through an SMS by Lebara.

7.2 Promotional offer of the selected plan must be redeemed within 7 days of SMS communication. 

7.3 Offer can only be used once per customer and cannot be combined with any other promotion.

7.4 Once redeemed, the promotional plan auto renews and the promotional plan is valid for 90 days or 2 renewals from date of redemption 

7.5 After 90 days of the offer redemption ( or 2 renewals) the plan will be charged at the standard price applicable of £10 ( or price as applicable at time of renewal) unless terminated. To terminate, the customer can send ALL1*STOP to 38885 at any time. Any purchase made after termination of the promotional plan will be at standard price. 

7.6 The promotional plan can be purchased at the discunted price only once per month. Any additional purchases made will be charged at standard price. 

7.7. If the customer buys a different plan while on this promotional product, they will be automatically opted out of the promotional plan and the auto renewal will take place on the standard price of the most recent purchase. 

7.8 Lebara maintains the right to change or withdraw this promotion at anytime at its own discretion. 


8. Refer and Earn program


8.1. Users who sign-up and participate in Refer and Earn program will be able to introduce Lebara SIM Only plans to their friends and family by sharing their unique link. If the referred member successfully makes a purchase of SIM Only plan, then participant could be eligible for cash reward up to £50. Below rewards table will show how much can be earned per successful referral transaction.                  



2GB SIM Only Plan £5


6GB SIM Only Plan £10


8GB SIM Only Plan £15


15GB SIM Only Plan £20


25GB SIM Only Plan £25


8.2. Below are the eligibility criteria of the program and all these rules must be meet for reward pay-out to participant

    a. The referred member must use the unique link shared by the participant to initiate the purchase

    b. The referred member must successfully complete their purchase of SIM Only plan listed here along with the new SIM card

    c. The referred member must continually stay on the SIM Only plan for 60 days from activation and consecutively paid for 2 monthly cycles

8.3. If the referred member cancel, request for refund or discontinue the SIM Only plan within 60 days, then transaction will not be eligible for the cash reward.

8.4. You will be contacted on your registered email to notify if the transaction is eligible or rejected for the reward.

8.5. In some cases, it could take up to 10 days after referred transaction is eligible for reward pay-out.

8.6. Participants can transfer their Cash reward into UK bank or PayPal account. It can take up to 3 working days for money to be available in the UK bank account once participant has initiated the transfer.

8.7. There is no cap on number of referrals that participants can do.

8.8. If a referred member uses your unique link and perform more than one transaction and meet the eligibility criteria, then reward will be paid per unique transaction.

8.9. If your referred member made a purchase of a SIM Only plan and decided to downgrade their plan prior to renewal, then the reward will be based on the most recent SIMO plan they are active on. E.g. Referred member made a purchase of £25 SIM only plan and prior renewal, downgrades to the £10 SIM only plan, then reward will be based on £10 SIM only plan.

8.10. The Refer and Earn program is managed by Lebara’s partner Aklamio.

8.11. Lebara reserves the right in its absolute discretion, including where it considers there to have been, and/or there is a suspicion of, any breach of these terms and conditions, any fraud or any abuse of the service, to terminate suspected illegitimate services.

9. Black Friday Promotion 2020


  1. Black Friday Promotion is valid between 19th Nov – 1st Dec 2020 (11.59PM)
  2. 50% off is applied for 6 months from date of purchase of the plan
  3. Promotion is applicable for all new customers who buy a new SIM online along with an eligible plan
  4. If you change/ cancel the plan anytime during the promotional price validity of 6 months, standard rates of the plan as applicable will apply on reactivation.
  5. Promotion cannot be combined with any other offer and is not eligible on products purchased via the Lebara Refer a Friend scheme.
  6. All general terms and conditions apply.