How can I see my call history?

Last Updated:May 2020

You can see your call history for the last 30 days by logging in to your MyLebara account online or via the app. You’ll need to register your details first.

Here’s how to register:

  1. Go to MyLebara
  2. Enter your Lebara number and click continue
  3. We’ll send you an SMS code
  4. Enter the code and click continue
  5. Enter your details
  6. Click submit my order to receive a verification link via email
  7. Click on the link to complete registration

Once you’re registered with MyLebara, follow these steps to see your call history for the last 30 days:
  1. Log in to MyLebara
  2. Go to the History Panel
  3. Select See More
  4. Choose the dates you want to view

We separate your call history and data usage history. You’ll see your call history in minutes, and your data usage history in Megabytes (MB).

Can I see my call history beyond the last 30 days?You can request your call history for up to 12 months by getting in touch with our customer services team. You’ll need to have a registered MyLebara account.

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