I’m having trouble accessing the internet

Last Updated:May 2020

If your phone hasn’t automatically updated the mobile internet settings, you’ll need to check the APN setting manually.
Go to your phone’s internet settings and check the following details are correct:
APN name: uk.lebara.mobi
Username: WAP
Password: WAP
You can find all our internet and MMS rates on our rates page.
Just so you know, you’ll need to have credit on your phone or an active plan to use the internet. Dial *#1345# to see your balance onscreen or log in to your MyLebara account.

I don’t have 4G on my Lebara phone

Lebara customers can opt into 4G if you have a 4G enabled device. If you buy a SIM Only plan from Lebara, 4G comes as standard. Otherwise you can SMS 4G to 38885 to receive a confirmation SMS.
We recommend you use 4G if you are a heavy data user and are using one of our great value plans with mix of data, international and national mins. To see list of our SIM Only deals and great value prepaid plans, visit https://mobile.lebara.com/gb/en/

I don’t know if my device is 4G enabled

To check if your device supports 4G, check whether your smartphone has the option 'LTE'. This stands for ‘Long Term Evolution’ and is just another name for 4G.

I am not sure if I need 4G

If you are a heavy data user and frequently stream videos, play music and play games, 4G's faster download speeds and better overall data performance will significantly improve your experience of using such data services.

I don’t know what areas Lebara 4G covers

Lebara is on the Vodafone network and assures highest quality mobile network coverage. You can see if your area has 4G coverage here. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/explore/network/uk-coverage-map/index.htm