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Lebara Sim Only, limitless like you

Monthly rolling contracts, so no strings attached
    Competitive (inter)national rates
    De scherpste tarieven in binnen- en buitenland
    4G of KPN


      Not ready for a subscription?

      Our pay as you go plans plans offer data and great (inter)national call rates all in one bundle
      • 0 days
        2GB 4G data
        500 National minutes
        € 10,00
      • 30 days
        3GB 4G data
        500 Flexi minutes to Netherlands
        Netherlands + to 42 countries
        € 15,00
      • 30 days
        5GB 4G data
        Unlimited* Flexi minutes to Netherlands
        Netherlands + to 42 countries
        € 20,00



      If you have a Lebara prepaid number, then number porting will be automatically arranged for you. If you don’t have a Lebara prepaid number, you’ll receive instructions for requesting number porting both via email and when you receive the new SIM card. You can only request number porting if your contract with your current provider expires within 90 days. This term is 120 days for a business contract.
      With all Sim Only bundles you can call unlimited within The Netherlands. If you’re in one of the EU countries and want to call or SMS to a Dutch number, you can do so at no extra cost with a national bundle. With an international bundle, you can call 44 countries from the Netherlands. You can also call other EU countries from the EU. For example, if you’re in Germany, you can also use the international bundle to call France or one of the other EU countries. You can also use your mobile internet data from your bundle without extra costs if you’re in one of the EU countries. A Fair Use Policy applies to this.

      When your payment was successful, we’ll send you a confirmation e-mail. Do you want to start your plan immediately? Then click on “Go” in the confirmation e-mail. Do you still need to request number porting? First go to: Request number porting. Do you want the plan to start around the day of your number porting? Don’t activate your plan yet, but instead do this the day before your number is ported.


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