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iconPrepaid credit 10=20Prepaid credit 10=20

Pay €10 and receive €20 Prepaid credit.


    Prepaid credit
  • €5 = €10
  • Prepaid credit
  • €10 = €20
  • Prepaid credit
  • €20 = €40
  • Prepaid credit
  • €30 = €60
  • Prepaid credit
  • €50 = €110


‘Now more Prepaid credit ’ deal

Temporary you'll receive even more Prepaid credit than normal. You get an extra €5 with €10=€20, an extra €10 with €20=40, an extra €20 with €30=€60 and an extra €30 with €50=€110.

You can read our terms and conditions below:

  • The promotion runs from May 4 till August 31 2020.
  • You will receive your free credit when you send an SMS with 'EXTRA' to 8800 before you top up.
  • The extra credit is valid for 30 days after activation by SMS and will be used before the original top-up credit.
  • The original credit does not expire. However, it must be topped up at least once every 90 days. If you do not top up after 90 days, the remaining credit will be frozen and you will have to top up within 30 days. When you don't do this, your original credit will expire. In addition, the number and the corresponding SIM will expire.
  • The extra credit is not valid for 0900 numbers and premium numbers.
  • The extra credit cannot be used when buying a Prepaid plan by SMS.
  • Not valid for Lebara One or in combination with other promotions.



Top up 10=20 or choose Sim Only!

Don't you call, text or use data very often? Then Prepaid is perfect for you! You decide when to top up and you'll never receive an invoice.

Do you use your phone a lot? Then choose Sim Only! Sim Only is cheaper than Prepaid and you can switch within 5 minutes while keeping your Lebara Prepaid number.

Discover Sim Only Buy Prepaid
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