4G internet

Our super-fast 4G lets you send instant messages and emails and stream video and audio without any cut-outs. That’s because we use the reliable KPN network. It’s been tested as the best network, offering excellent coverage and speed.

The best network in the Netherlands

Good news! Research agency Ookla has officially rated KPN as the best mobile network in the Netherlands. Based on half a million tests performed on more than 177,000 devices, KPN was ranked the best network for download and upload speed as well as coverage. And that’s exactly why we chose KPN as our network for Sim Only and Prepaid.

Super-fast connection

Your standard download speed is up to* 75 Mbps, and your upload speed is up to 25 Mbps. That’s more than enough for sending and receiving emails and instant messages and streaming video and music. Want even more speed? For just 50 cents a month, you can double your download speed to up to 150 Mbps and triple your upload speed to up to 75 Mbps. It’s the ideal solution if you want to download larger files or play games online. Activate or deactivate this add-on whenever you want in MyLebara.

The actual speed of your connection depends on your device, your SIM card card, the local provider and the amount of traffic on the network. There are various websites online where you can perform a speed test. Remember to switch off WiFi before testing your speed.

Check your coverage!

On our 4G network, you're always connected, no matter where you are. Check the coverage map of KPN here. You can easily zoom in on the map or search by entering your postcode. Remember to select 4G first.