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Turn on 4G with our tool

Lebara uses the super speedy 4G network. Turn 4G on for internet and calling via your phone settings using our handy tool.

Step 1

Setting up 4G internet

The tool opens in a new tab. Once completed, you will return to this page to set up calling via 4G.

Step 2

Set up 4G calling

The tool opens in a new tab.

Benefits of 4G:

Super fast 4G internet

Better reachability and call quality

Compliant with the latest security updates

Will I remain reachable without 4G?

Of course you will! You will then automatically use the outdated 2G network. This has a number of limitations.

Slooooooow internet

Sending a Whatsapp message is possible, but images, music and videos cannot be handled by the outdated network. 

No simultaneous calling and internet

Internet, listening to music or using social media: as soon as you receive a call, your connection is lost.

Less secure connection

The outdated network does not receive any security updates. Your connection is therefore less secure.

Ready for 4G?