High phone bills and too much hassle - in 2001, the three befriended founders of Lebara were fed up with it all. Why would calling your friends and family abroad have to be so expensive? There were two options for them: keep paying or come up with a cheaper alternative. Logical, right?

If you want to make a phone call, you simply don’t need bells and whistles

Fast forward 20 years. Over 900,000 customers have made the logical choice for Lebara as their provider to call, use internet and text cheaply and without any frills. Within the Netherlands, across the world, or when you are enjoying a holiday abroad. From top-up with Prepaid to the convenience and extra convenience of Sim Only.

On our way to one million users.

Whatever your preference, it always makes total sense at Lebara

With Lebara, it's easy to choose what you need and what you want to spend. For unlimited calling credit or only just the right amount of minutes. For large amounts of data, or small amounts of data. And if you need more or less than you normally do, simply adjust your bundle as you please. No extra costs, no hassle. However you like it, we can do it.

Ready for the best deals?

SIM Only

SIM Only is a subscription that allows you to call, text and use mobile Internet at very low rates. With Lebara, you can change your bundle for free every month. That’s how you stay flexible.


With Prepaid you do not have a fixed subscription. You buy credit in advance or a bundle with which you call, send SMSs and use mobile Internet. Always advantageous and without fixed costs.