Twenty years ago, the three founders of Lebara experienced how expensive it was to stay in touch with their friends and family abroad. That had to change. Their aim: to ensure that everyone can afford to call home. Anytime, anywhere. Whether you are calling from Maastricht to Hong Kong or the other way around. Freedom and connection do not have to have an expensive price tag.

Twenty years of affordability and freedom

For twenty years now, Lebara has stood for affordability and freedom for all. It's simple: you're happier when you're free to make your own choices. When you get quality at the best price, and never pay too much for what you need. That's how life gets more fun, easier and more affordable

Choose freedom

Lebara gives you freedom to get as much or as little credit or data as you like. Affordable calls to the other side of the world or just within the Netherlands. And for the flexibility of Prepaid or the security of 24-month SIM Only. Prefer to have flexible cancellation? That's no problem either.

You can change your subscription every month without any extra costs or hassle. And all of that on the proven best network of the Netherlands (KPN), with up-to-date insight in your usage and costs.

Peter from Lebara, nice to meet you!

Peter is our biggest fan and loyal customer of Lebara. As a lifehacker, he is always aware of the best deals and strikes at the right times. His life motto: see opportunities and seize opportunities. That dexterity gives him the freedom to do whatever he pleases. Curious about Peter's life hacks? Check out his Insta here.

Ready for the best deals?

SIM Only

SIM Only is a subscription that allows you to call, text and use mobile Internet at very low rates. With Lebara, you can change your bundle for free every month. That’s how you stay flexible.


With Prepaid you do not have a fixed subscription. You buy credit in advance or a bundle with which you call, send SMSs and use mobile Internet. Always advantageous and without fixed costs.