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Savings promotion

Cash in: with Lebara Prepaid you can now save €200 free 10=20 credit. Read how to start saving on this page.

More information

Step 1:
Text SPAAR to 8800 (one time) to register for the savings promotion.

Step 2:
Top up a total of €100 to 10=20 credit. This can be done in one go or spread over several times. It's totally up to you.

Step 3:
Did you spent €100? Then you will receive €20 free credit each time you receive the next 10 credit topups.

We let you know how much you've saved each time you top up your credit. You can register for the savings promotion until 1 July 2023. Savings can be collected until 1 July 2024. Check herefor all the conditions related to this promo.

Frequently asked questions

You must spend a total of €100 on Prepaid Credit. It's not about the amount you receive in credit. For example, did you join the 10=30 promo and are you topping up for €10? Then you will have saved €10 out of €100.

You can register for the savings promotion until 1 July 2023. Once you sign up, you can save up until July 1, 2024 and get free credit.

Register by sending a one-time SMS with the text message 'SPAAR' to 8800. Do this before topping up.

We will send you a text message with each topup to let you know how much more you need to save until you reach €100. We will also let you know how many times you can still receive the free €20 credit.