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Coverage map for mobile calling and internet usage

Lebara uses the network of KPN.
With 3G and 4G we make sure that you are connected, always and everywhere.
Please view below to check your coverage in the Netherlands.


You can find below your 4G coverage 25Mbps (customers after 2nd of june 2020 have 75Mbps or 150 Mbps with double speed addon)  in the Netherlands:



Please find below your 3G coverage (7.2 Mbit/s) in the Netherlands:




More information on signal coverage

The coverage maps as displayed above show the indoor conditions. Outdoor you will have a better coverage.
In case you see spots on the map with no coverage, you will probably have coverage once you are outside of your house or building. Indoor stronger signals are needed to have mobile reach than outdoor.
The colours on the map represent the coverage in the requested area.
The strength of your network depends on several factors. Sometimes signals are weakened by insulation of buildings, vegetation and/or the device you are using.