Fair use policyFair use policy


Sim Only - fair use policy

Lebara applies a Fair Use Policy (FUP, conditions for reasonable usage), part of our General Conditions. Which means you are not allowed to overrun a normal usage per month. Normal usage is being defined as 3.000 minutes and 1.000 text messages (sms) per month. If you do overrun these quantities, Lebara has the right to suspend the service or to terminate the contract. If you exceed FUP, your balance will be used up and you will no longer be able to call / text. Foreign numbers not belonging to the bundle, paid premium numbers (as 0900 numbers) and paid texting services, will be separately registrated. You will be notified automatically if you are at 80% and 100% of your usage. After that there will be a fee for data: €0.01 per MB and an extra minute or text costs €0.12. The fee will be charged as a consumption on top of the bundle.



Prepaid - fair use policy

Lebara Prepaid is subject to our Fair Use Policy (FUP). The FUP is part of our General Terms and Conditions and requires that you do not exceed normal usage of your Lebara mobile phone services each month.

You may only use your data bundles inside the Netherlands. The FUP does not apply to Lebara One or Lebara 10=20.

Roam Like At Home Fair Use Policy (FUP): If you use a Lebara bundle in an EU country outside the Netherlands, then your data usage is limited to a maximum amount per telephone number, per 30 days, starting the day that you cross the border. The maximum varies by bundle.