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Perfect for keeping in touch with your loved ones

Know someone else who has Lebara Prepaid or Sim Only? Then you can call each other for free!

With Prepaid

After you top up your calling credit (10=20 or Lebara One), you get unlimited calling to other Lebara numbers for 30 days. That includes Sim Only customers.

Do you have an All in NL or All in International bundle? If so, then you can call and text other Lebara numbers free of charge for 30 days. That includes Sim Only customers. Free calling to other Lebara numbers is not included if you have a data-only bundle.

Our Fair Use Policy applies to unlimited calling to other Lebara numbers.

Lebara Refer and Earn

Are you excited about Lebara? Tell your friends and together you can receive up to a € 40 cash instead of € 20, this promotion is active in May and June.

Enter your name and email address to receive your personal Friends Benefit link immediately. Share the link with all your friends (and don’t forget to enable cookies to take advantage of the promotion).

Stap 1

Your friend chooses a subscription

Did your friend(s) receive the Friends Benefit link? Then they can now choose a Lebara subscription.

If they choose a a two-year contract, you each get € 20. Did your friend(s) choose a monthly rolling subscription? Then you will each get € 20 if the subscription is bought in the month of May or June.

Stap 2

Collect your Refer and Earn!

Has it been more than 30 days since your friend(s) joined Lebara? Then you will all get your Friends Benefit.