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Free number transfer

You can simply switch to Lebara with your old telephone number. We will cancel your old susbscription for you.

Transfer your number to

Transfer to Sim Only

From another provider

You can request free number transfer from 4 months before the expiry of your current subscription. More than 4 months before the end of your contract? Click here.

Step 1

Create your Sim Only subscription and choose to transfer your number when paying.

Step 2

Received your SIM card? Then request number transfer here. Or use the link in your order confirmation email.

Step 3

We will cancel your old subscription for you and send you a text message once your number has been transferred. Then activate your SIM card to start calling, texting and surfing the web straight away.

From Lebara Prepaid

With MyLebara

Do you have Lebara Prepaid? Then you can switch to SIM Only whenever you like via Mylebara or the MyLebara app for free.

No MyLebara account?

No problem! When creating your SIM Only bundle, choose number transfer, and indicate that it is a Lebara Prepaid number.

Are you switching from Prepaid to SIM Only? Then we will transfer the remaining credit to your new subscription. You only use this credit when your SIM Only bundle is empty. Then you do not need to buy extra bundle credit.

Transfer to Prepaid

From another provider

Number transfer is always for free.

Step 1

Order a free Lebara SIM card. You will receive it within 2 working days.

Step 2

Received your SIM card? Request a number transfer here or use the link in the SIM card letter.

Step 3

We will send a text as soon as your number has been transferred.

More information

You can request number porting in these three situations:

  • 1. Your subscription with another provider is about to expire. You can request to transfer your number to Lebara up to 4 months in advance. Your number will be transferred when your current subscription expires.
  • 2. You have a contract with another provider that does not expire within 4 months. In that case, you can buy out your current contract and transfer your number to Lebara. Please note: you often have to pay extra to buy out your contract.
  • 3. You keep your contract with your current provider and request a new contract with Lebara with number porting. That means you’ll have 1 telephone number with 2 contracts and pay 2 providers for a subscription.

No, when you submit a request to keep your old number, we will take care of cancelling your subscription with your old provider for you.

Yes, you can. However, we recommend waiting until your old number has been transferred to your new SIM card. Otherwise, you will have two different phone subscriptions running at the same time, which means you have to pay for both.

To begin with, you need the phone number that you wish to keep. You'll also need the new SIM card that you receive from Lebara. And lastly, you'll need to pick a date for when you wish to transfer your old number to your new SIM card.

In some cases, the actual transfer may take place on a different date than the one you request. This might happen, for example, if the final day of your old subscription is on a different date than the transfer date you requested. In that case, we will inform you by email.

Yes, you can. Please contact our customer support in that case. If you decide that you do not want to keep your old number after all, you can cancel your request by calling our customer service no later than 2 working days before your scheduled transfer date.

You must have a Lebara SIM card in order to request to keep your old number. Once your old provider approves your request to transfer your old number, we will let you know the date on which your temporary number will be disconnected. You cannot use the Lebara SIM card with the temporary number unless you activate it first.

Our customers say


The support was provided in a fast and professional way.

28 April 2022


Excellent service, very customer -oriented provider

29 April 2022


Had a telephone call with Lebara and the lady was very helpful and explained the whole process and guide me on the website what to do and also when I receive my SIM what I should do next. I received my SIM within a day and keeping my number was also a breeze, no hiccups. I would definitely recommend them, their service is tops.!

1 May 2022

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