Free SIM
+ €5 credit

Get €5 of free credit right away! If you top up 30 days later, you'll get another €5 of free credit. You can repeat this up to 5 times.

See the terms and conditions here.

Free SIM

Free SIM + €5 credit

Insert your SIM card in your phone and dial 1244 to activate it. You’ll immediately receive €5 of free extra credit. If you top up 30 days after activating your SIM card, you'll get another €5 of free credit. You can repeat this once every 30 days, for a maximum of 5 times.

- Your bonus credit is valid for 30 days.
- You can find more information about the free credit rates here.
- The extra credit can not be used to purchase a bundle via SMS.
- The call credit stored on a SIM on purchase cannot be used for roaming or premium services such as paid texting and/or voice services.
- Find out more information about free and bonus credit here.


Valid for 30 days. Optional Unlimited Calling

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For those who do everything online

1GB Data €10
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Calling, texting & data all in one

2GB + 500 min. calling €10
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All in International plansicon

Calling & texting to 44 countries

3GB + 500 min. calling €15
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Call credit

Credit always remains valid

10 = 20 icon

Pay less, get more

€ 10 = € 20
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Affordable calling, texting and data

€ 10
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Our customers say

Cynthia Teruel

The process of my transfer from my old provider was smooth and swift! I am more than grateful! From the request of my sim card (came within less than 24 hrs) to the porting of the number (within 2 days) then to the activation of the subscription. Am really happy. Thanks a lot.

27 April 2021


Easy & quick service and good cost performance. I'd like to use Lebara continuously.

21 April 2021

Matej Cibula

Very satisfied with provided services and and telephone help line. I can recommend this service to anyone who is seeking one of the best mobile services provider. Very happy customer.

April 17th 2021

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Why Lebara?

Affordable bundles

With our 4G bundles, you always enjoy low rates on calling, texting and data. And thanks to our cap on out-of-bundle spending, you'll never have any unpleasant surprises on your phone bill.

Always flexible

Lebara lets you adjust your bundle for free each month. You can activate or deactivate add-ons whenever you want.

We are Lebara

Lebara was founded in the UK in 2001 by three migrants with one purpose: being able to call home at affordable rates. No matter how far away from home you are. And these three definitely didn’t let themselves be stopped by the UK telecom market’s pesky rules that they ran into. They wanted to give people freedom. And they succeeded in doing so.