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Prepaid of Lebara

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Lebara products are available in almost 9.000 stores!

About Lebara Prepaid


 About Prepaid

In addition to low-cost national and international calls, you can also use our data for a small price. You can go for calling credit, but also for a 30 days valid Prepaid bundle. Call credit is more flexible in usage, but with a bundle you get more for your money. The choice is yours!

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 Free number porting

Number porting is completely free of charge and easy to arrange. In order to apply for number porting, you first need a Lebara Lebara Simcard. For more information about number porting, click here.


 Prepaid VS Sim Only

Do you prefer to be as independent as possible? Then perhaps Prepaid is the best choice for you. But if you are looking for the best rates then you should take a look at Sim Only. Check here for more information about the differences.




simkaart Interested in low-cost international calls?

Connecting with people all over the world is what we stand for. Is it a problem to call with someone on the other side of the world? Of course not... you can just go for an international plan. This way you can call with anyone you'd like with the favorable rates of Lebara ! So what's stopping you?

Exactly: Nothing!


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Prepaid pay as you go plans

Do you need to call, send a text or use mobile internet pay as you go national or international? Whatever your needs, Lebara has a prepaid pay as you go plan that suits you!