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Prepaid data and call minutes

Choose a prepaid product that suits you best. Where call credit can be more flexible, a 30-day bundle is often cheaper. Don't you have a Lebara SIM card yet? Then order one for free!

Prepaid call credit

Extra flexible

✔ Call credit doesn't expire

✔ Data from 1 ct p/mb

✔ Calls from 12 ct/min

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Prepaid bundles

Lowest costs

✔ Expires in 30 days

✔ Data from 0,2 ct p/mb

✔ Optional unlimited calls

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Free Simcard

Not sure what you want yet? Just order a free simcard and later decide if you top-up with call credit, a bundle or with Sim Only.

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Benefits of Lebara Prepaid


The best Prepaid deal
Lebara Prepaid is flexible, affordable and reliable. Order your free simcard now.


Reliable 4G network from KPN
At Lebara you can use KPN's reliable and fast 4G network.


Only pay what you use
Choose for flexible Prepaid credit or for extra affordable bundles. No NL bankaccount needed.


Fast and easy top-ups
You can top-up on the website, in the MyLebara App, per text or through one of our 9.000 selling points.

About Lebara Prepaid


 About Prepaid

In addition to low-cost national and international calls, you can also use our data for a small price. You can go for calling credit, but also for a 30 days valid Prepaid bundle. Call credit is more flexible in usage, but with a bundle you get more for your money. The choice is yours!

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 Free number porting

Number porting is completely free of charge and easy to arrange. In order to apply for number porting, you first need a Lebara Lebara simcard. For more information about number porting, click here.


 Prepaid VS Sim Only

Do you prefer to be as independent as possible? Then perhaps Prepaid is the best choice for you. But if you are looking for the best rates then you should take a look at Sim Only. Check her for more information about the differences or switch to Sim Only right now.

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Usage, credit and more.
So what's holding you back?

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Questions about Prepaid

You will also have 4G coverage in the EU + Switzerland. In other countries you will make use of 3G. The actual upload and download speed is dependent on the device, the SIM, the local provider and the demand of the network.
You can use 4G almost anywhere in the Netherlands. Curious about coverage in the Netherlands? Check the cover card here.
Our theoretical download and upload speeds are:
Prepaid bundle: up to 25 Mbps download and up to 10 Mbps upload.
Prepaid credit: up to 10 Mbps download and up to 2 Mbps upload.
The actual speed depends on your device, location and how busy the network is. You will have 4G coverage internationally. The actual upload and download speed is dependent on the local provider.
Select *149# on your phone and then press the call button. You will then see your Lebara number appear on the screen. Your number is also on the back of the SIM card package.
This is possibly caused by an invoice that has not yet been paid. Lebara then freezes your simcard. You will receive an e-mail with a link to pay as yet. If succesfull, your SIM card will be activated again. Please, check your spamfolder as well for this particular e-mail.
Please find the instructions to set the internet on your phone on our website here.

Why don't I have any 4G coverage?
Most likely your sim card is not 4G ready. Text ‘4G’ to 8800 and receive a message which indicates whether your sim card and device is 4G ready or not. Order a 4G sim card online through this link or fetch a sim card at one of our stores. After you have a 4G sim card, you can request online a simswap.
Press *100# on your phone and then your call button. Your call credit is displayed on your screen.If you have a MyLebara account, you can also check your balance when you're logged on. You can also check it in the Lebara App.
Go to Top up and follow these steps: Log on or top up as a guest. Choose the product you want to top up and click enter. This leads you to a page where you can choose a payment option. You can pay using iDeal, Paypal or credit card. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your top-up succeeds, and your top-up will be applied to your number instantly.
If you have used up your prepaid bundle you can choose for an additional prepaid bundle. The prepaid additional call bundle can only be upgraded in addition to a current bundle with call minutes in it. The prepaid additional call bundle is valid until the end of the term of the prepaid monthly bundle. Rates are charged on a per-minute basis. All other calls, SMS messages and mobile internet outside the bundle are charged according to Lebara's standard rates from your regular calling credit. Not included are roaming and paid service and information numbers. These are charged according to the standard national rate. Lebara products are intended for personal use and may only be used for non-commercial purposes. No rights can be derived from this statement.
Can't find your anwser here? Then click here.

Prepaid pay as you go plans

Do you need to call, send a text or use mobile internet pay as you go national or international? Whatever your needs, Lebara has a prepaid pay as you go plan that suits you!