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Free SIM

Choose Prepaid or Sim Only from Lebara

Don't you call, text or use data very often? Then Prepaid is perfect for you! You decide when to top up and you'll never receive an invoice.

Do you use your phone a lot? Then choose Sim Only! Sim Only is cheaper than Prepaid and you can switch within 5 minutes while keeping your Lebara Prepaid number.

Free SIM + Sim Only Free SIM + Prepaid

Free SIM - easy, quick and entirely free of obligation

Are you looking for a SIM without an additional subscription? Then maybe the free Lebara SIM is the best solution for you. First you'll receive your sim and later you can decide what to top up with. You can go for Prepaid credit or a 30 day Prepaid plan. You can even top up with an entire Sim Only plan if you want!

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