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Roaming with your Lebara SIM card has you connected in about 200 countries

Roaming in the EU

As of May 17th you can use your Lebara SIM card in all EU countries without any additional roaming costs. So you can safely keep 'data roaming' on while traveling across the EU.

Lebara EU benefits!

Stress-free travel in all EU countries - no additional roaming costs

As of May 17th Lebara customers can use their call and data credit without any additional costs when traveling across EU countries. As of then the traditional EU roaming costs do not apply anymore.


Mobile internet, calling and texting in the EU will be just as cheap as you are used to in the Netherlands, starting May 17th. So, call minutes, texts and data within your bundle can be used within EU countries without additional costs. We have set this for you automatically.


To avoid abuse a 'Fair Use Policy' (FUP) applies. Do you travel to EU countries very frequently or stay there for longer periods at a time, this FUP might apply. As an example there's a monthly Fair Use Policy ('FUP') of 3.5 GB data in countries belonging to the EU. You can find this information in the roaming tool below.


Rates for calling and texting from the Netherlands to numbers abroad remain unchanged.


Internet settings abroad

Please ensure to have 'data roaming' and 'mobile data' switched on, on your mobile phone. Check your settings before you depart via our service 'Internet settings'.

Use the Roaming tool below or look at FAQs about ... roaming

Subject to change and errors.