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Roaming Questions

FAQs about ... roaming

We've provided the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding making calls, sending text messages and using mobile data while abroad:

In the following EU countries/territories, you can make calls, send text messages or use mobile data with Lebara Mobile call+data bundles at the same rates as at home in the Netherlands, with effect from 17 May 2017. That means no additional roaming charges:

A   Azores, Aland Islands, Austria
B Belgium, Bulgaria
C Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus (Republic of Cyprus, not including Northern Cyprus), Czech Republic
D Denmark
E Estonia
F Finland, France, French Guyana
G Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe
H Hungary
I Ireland, Iceland, Italy
L Latvia, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg
M Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte
N Norway
P Poland, Portugal
R Reunion, Romania
S Saint Martin, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden
U United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
Making calls / sending text messages from another country in the EU, either to the Netherlands or to other EU countries, can be done using any Lebara bundle, without any extra costs! That means that you can call within EU countries or between EU countries, without worrying about the cost. This is subject to the ‘Roam Like At Home Fair Use Policy’. However, making calls from the Netherlands to other EU countries is not covered by the new EU regulation. The normal international rates apply to these calls.
You can use the internet on your mobile telephone with Lebara call+data bundle, in any EU country. This is because call+data bundles can be used in all EU countries. All you need to do is turn on 'mobile data/data roaming' if you travel to another EU country/territory.
If you travel to a country outside the EU, you can still make and receive calls, and send and receive text messages. If you plan to use mobile data, you must first register with the Lebara Customer Services (+31619001200).
Lebara applies the following three different types of call, SMS and data limits.


1. Roam Like At Home FUP (Fair Use Policy) If you are using a Lebara bundle in another EU country, a maximum usage per 30 days is applicable for each telephone number, starting from the day when you cross the border. This maximum differs per bundle. In the chart below you can find a summary of the amount of GB per bundle. You will be notified automatically via SMS when you reach 80% and 100% of the maximum usage. After that, a surcharge will be applied: 0.7ct/per MB for mobile data. Surcharges can only be calculated using credit for prepaid customers (Lebara 10=20 and/or Lebara One). For SIM Only customers, the surcharges will be applied as out-of-bundle charges.


Product FUP in GB
All in NL €10 with 2 GB 2,7
All in NL €15 with 5 GB 4,2
All in NL €20 with 7 GB 5,5
All in International €15 with 3 GB 4,2
Unlimited €20 with 5 GB 5,5
Unlimited €30 with 10 GB 8,2
Extra databundle 1 GB 1
Sim Only National 1 month €10 with 5 GB 2,7
Sim Only National 1 month €15 with 7 GB 4,1
Sim Only National 1 month €20 with 10 GB 5,4
Sim Only National 24 months €10 with 5 GB 2,7
Sim Only National 24 months €15 with 7 GB 4,1
Sim Only National 24 months €20 with 10 GB 5,4
Sim Only International 1 month €15 with 5 GB 4,1
Sim Only International 1 month €20 with 7 GB 5,4
Sim Only International 1 month €25 with 10 GB 6,8
Sim Only International 24 months €15 with 5 GB 4,1
Sim Only International 24 months €20 with 7 GB 5,4
Sim Only International 24 months €25 with 10 GB    6,8


2. Data roaming cap €60
If you use credit (Lebara 10 = 20, Lebara One) for data roaming in the EU or the rest of the world and you approach the cap of €60 (Lebara One) €120 (Lebara 10=20), Lebara will notify you by text message when you reach 80% of your consumption.
The rates and rules for countries outside the EU are not changing. These are not covered by the new rules on EU roaming. Data roaming outside the EU is only possible with Lebara 10=20 and Lebara One. With Lebara One, you can now also enjoy data roaming in the EU and the rest of the world.
No, if you receive a call while in another EU country, you will not be charged.
No, Lebara mobile internet abroad is currently only available on 3G.
The only thing you need to do is turn on data roaming on your mobile device. You can do this in the settings menu of your handset, just as you previously did when you travelled abroad. Under ‘Internet settings’ , you can read about how to ensure that your handset is ready to use mobile data. Using Lebara mobile internet outside the EU is only possible after your registration has been accepted by calling Lebara Customer Service. Visit ‘www.lebara.nl/contact’ or call +31619001200.
Yes, the call and data credit that was on your SIM card when you purchased it can be used abroad. If you spend more than one day in another EU country, we also recommend that you top up with additional call and data credit in the Netherlands the day before you leave. Then you will have enough credit for your stay abroad. If you are leaving the EU, we recommend you to top up with additional call credit, because bundles do not work outside the EU.
No, these are not covered by the regulations. This is simply an overseas call, so normal international rates apply.
Yes, you can call Lebara Customer Service from abroad on +31619001200. Cost: €0.35 per minute.
Yes, you can continue to use your voicemail while you are abroad: Incoming calls diverted to voice mail will not be charged.


It is only possible to leave a message if your handset is switched off. If your handset is on and the SIM card is logged on to the roaming network, unanswered calls will not be diverted to voicemail and will be disconnected after 60 seconds.
Outside the EU, you can only make calls, send text messages and use mobile internet with 'Lebara 10=20/20=40/30=60', with 'Lebara One' and 'Lebara SIM Only'. So you cannot use ‘Lebara All in NL’, ‘Lebara Unlimited’, and Lebara 3G/4G data bundles outside the EU.