Customer service

Service numbers

When calling a service number (for example, the customer support hotline of a company), there are often extra costs involved. These include not only the extra costs you pay to the service number provider, but also costs you pay to Lebara. Here you will see a list of these rates.

0800 numbers

Calling 0800 numbers is always free of charge. No calling minutes will be deducted from your bundle or credit.

Service rates for 0900, 0909, 0906 and 18 numbers

When calling service numbers that start with 0900, 0909, 0906 or 18, you will pay service number rates. Usually at the beginning of the call, you will hear what the costs are. The costs are calculated per minute (with a maximum of €1 per minute) or per call (with a maximum of €1.40 per call).

Rates for calling service numbers

In addition to the service number rates, you’ll also pay extra costs to your phone service provider. This means that Lebara applies different rates when you call 0900, 0909, 0906 and 18 numbers than what you would normally pay to make a call.

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