Activate Sim Only

Your ICCID code

In the form below we ask you to fill out the last four digits of the ICCID code of your SIM card. You can find this code, that consists of 19 digits, in two different places.

  1. Left on the plastic SIM card holder
  2. On the SIM card itself (it might that you've already put your SIM card in your phone)

simcard instructions

  • Enter your Lebara phone number

    Requested number porting and has your number been transferred to Lebara? Then enter this number in the field above
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your SIM serial number (ICCID).

    You can find this number on your SIM card chip.
simcard in phone instructions

Is your SIM card already in your phone?

If so, then you will probably need a thin pin to open the SIM card holder on your phone. Your phone might have come with a tool to use to open the SIM card holder. Can’t find it? Try using a paper-clip, a hairpin, a thin pair of tweezers, an earring or a needle.