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Monthly rolling

Unlimited calls & texts

4G network of KPN

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Lebara's Sim Only

Sim Only from Lebara is flexible, affordable and reliable. With all our Sim Only plans, you can choose a 30-day rolling contract at no extra charge and with no long-term commitment. Sim Only from Lebara also offers competitive rates at home and abroad. And all this on KPN’s reliable 4G network.

We’ll also arrange number porting at no extra cost.



It's easy as 1, 2, 3

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Customize your contract according to your needs
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Activate your SIM by clicking on the activation link in your mail
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What is a Sim Only plan?

With Sim Only, you pay only your call, internet and text costs and not for a new phone. This is why Sim Only is much more affordable than a plan with a new phone. So if you have a phone that still works just fine and you want to save on your plan costs, you should choose one of our monthly rolling Sim Only deals!


Sim Only versus prepaid

With Sim Only, you don’t have to worry about topping up whilst simultaneously benefitting from the flexibility of a rolling contract. A Sim Only plan is also more affordable than prepaid. In fact, with our Sim Only plans you have unlimited calls and texts within the Netherlands and countries in the EU. You decide how much data you want to use; there are data bundles of 5GB, 7GB or 10GB. Unlimited calls and texts you get from us!