Customer service

New rates and maximum out-of-bundle costs starting January 1st, 2023

From January 1st, our out-of-bundle rates and maximum out-of-bundle costs will change. This applies to all 24-month Sim Only subscriptions purchased or extended after July 14, 2022 and all monthly cancellable Sim Only subscriptions. If you bought your 24-month subscription before July 14, 2022 the old rates apply.

New customer? If you active your Sim Only before the 13th of December, the new rates apply from January 1st, 2023. If you activate after the 13th of December, the new rates apply from that date.

Change of out-of-bundle rates

From January 1st, 2023, our out-of-bundle rates for data, SMS and calls will change.

  • Mobile numbers from €0,09 to €0,15 per minute

  • Fixed line from €0,01 to €0,02 per minute

  • SMS from €0,12 to €0,15 per message

  • Mobile internet from €0,01 to €0,10 per mb

  • Starting rate from €0,12 to €0,15 per call

  • Voicemail from €0,12 to €0,15 per call

Maximum out-of-bundle credit from €10,- to €25,-

From January 1st, 2023, your maximum costs outside your bundle will change from €10,- to €25,-.

New: data cap

We will always notify you when your bundle is almost finished, so you can buy affordable extra credit, switch on unlimited calls and SMS or increase your data bundle.

Would you like to have more control of your out-of-bundle costs? Switch on the data cap for €0,50 per month in MyLebara. This extra option will prevent you from using mobile data when your bundle has ran out, avoiding extra costs for data outside your bundle at all times.