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With Lebara Sim Only you always have flexibility. For example, choose for a Month More or a Month Less. Every month you can up- or downgrade your Lebara Sim Only subscription without extra charge. You can easily do this by yourself in your MyLebara-dashboard. So what's stopping you? Exactly: nothing! And find all the clarity you need in the frequently asked questions below. 


Frequently asked questions

For whom does this service apply to?
This service can only be used by Lebara Sim-only customers who have a SIM only contract for more than 30 days.

Where can I change my bundle?
You can change your bundle in the
MyLebara (web) environment. Click here to go directly to the page, you just need to log-in. Requests for bundle changes cannot be submitted in the MyLebara app.

Which bundle changes can I make?
You could change the data bundles. Also, you could switch between the national and international bundles.

May I also change the duration of the contract?
In case you have a 1 month contract, you can switch to the more affordable 24 month contract. It's not permitted to switch from a 24 month contract to a 1 contract.

When does a bundle change become active?
You can adjust your bundle every month free of charge. Requests should be done at least 24 hours before the end of the month. Requests recieved after this time will be processed in the following month

Will the end date of my contact be changed when I change my bundle?
No, changing your bundle will not impact your contract duration.

Will Lebara charge me for -/downgrading my plan?
No, each change is free of charge at Lebara. Please be aware that your bundle price will change after making a change to you bundle.

Can I cancel my request to change my bundle?
Yes, you can cancel your request. After you have changed your bundle in the MyLebara environment, you can cancel your request by clicking on the 'Cancel changes' link. Cancelling your request will revert you back to your old plan. You can cancel your contract anytime, just make sure it has been submitted at least 24 hours before the end of the month.

What happens to my current SIMO bundlle if I request a change?
Your current bundle will always remain applicable until the end of the month. On the first day of the new (contract) month, you will be able to use the new bundle as requesed.

I am not able to log-in to MyLebara, what should I do?
In case you forget your password please click here and request a new password. It is also possible that you are using a old e-mail address. Please make sure to use the e-mail adress you signed up with to Lebara. If you still experience any issues? In that case, please contact customer service.

Are you using an extension offer?
In the period that you are benefiting from the extension offer, you are not permitted to make a bundle change. In case you're in the last month of your 24 month contract, you are also not allowed to make a bundle change.

Why can I not request a change?
1. Perhaps you haven't paid your bill yet? If so, please pay the outstanding amount. Afterwards you can change your bundle again.
2. See the abovementioned question regarding retention
3. You have had your Sim Only bundle is for less than 30 days.

Can I change my bundle to any price plan?
You can change your bundle to all bundles from the current range. For example, choose unlimited calls with 5GB, 7GB or 10GB. Or opt for 50 minutes & 50 text messages with 2GB data. Please note: older bundles that we no longer have in our current range are no longer available after changing your bundle.

 Adjust your bundle yourself in the MyLebara environment:

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