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  • iconYou can always reach your child
  • iconUnlimited calls from 5GB
  • iconOn the reliable KPN 4G network
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The Subscription for children

gratis nummerbehoud

 Always accesible

Children receive a smartphone at an increasingly younger age. Finally something that you agree on, because of course you always want to be able to keep in touch with your child. With Sim Only from Lebara your child can always unlimited calls & texts with a data bundle of your choice, but never over the calling ceiling of one tenner on your subscription costs. So you will never have very unpleasant surprises. What is stopping your family app group? Exactly; Nothing!


 Controle en flexibility

Sim Only gives you control and flexibility. Determine from month to month how much your child will receive. In the MyLebara environment you can adjust the bundle every month for free. Do you still go over your data bundle? Then easily purchase extra bundle credit in the MyLebara app.

Do you prefer that your child doesn't consume anything at all when the bundle is used up? Set this easily on an android phone; Go to settings -> Wifi & Internet -> Data usage -> Billing cycle and set the limit to the size of the bundle.


 Which bundle for a child

Data: We recommend between 5 & 7GB data, because although children first only have to call their parents and friends & girlfriends, the data slurping does not start long afterwards. But it's not just gaming where the gigabytes are absorbed, schools are also increasingly claiming the online time of your offspring. Online schedules and calendars that are updated from school have long been nothing new. But just like at home, most schools have just Wi-Fi. 5 or 7GB if necessary sufficient for the time being.


It's easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose your Sim Only
Customize your contract according to your needs
Activate your SIM
Activate your SIM by clicking on the activation link in your mail
Start right away
After activating your SIM you are good to go



Frequently Asked Questions

During your order you can indicate that you want to keep your number. If your child has a Lebara prepaid, we will transfer it immediately. If your child is with another provider, you conclude the contract and we will immediately send you an email with an application form for number portability. If you fill it in, we will send you an SMS when the number is transferred. From that moment on, your child can call and use the internet with your new Sim Only subscription. Easy, fast and also free! We will cancel the contract, so you will not incur double costs and your child will always be available.
The contract may only be concluded by the parent, the contract is in your name. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted to conclude a contract. Via Mylebara you can monitor consumption and purchase extra data.
On holiday in the EU, your child can simply use his bundle at no extra cost. A Fair Use Policy applies to this.
ou can adjust the bundle every month for free. You can easily do this in the MyLebara environment. You can switch to both higher and lower bundles.                                 
Has the data bundle run out? Then you use euro 0.10 per MB. In the case of the 2GB bundle, an extra minute / SMS costs € 0.12. To prevent you from getting an unexpectedly high bill, our bundles have a calling ceiling. With the calling ceiling you can incur a maximum of 10, - per month in costs outside your bundle. Click here for an overview of all rates. Would you prefer to use the rates that you are used to from us? Then you can cheaply outside bundle credit .  You can also set a data limit on your child's andriod telephone if you want the internet use to be closed after the bundle. You do this at: Settings -> Wifi & internet -> Data usage -> Billing cycle. Here you set the internet usage at the level of the bundle that you close.
With Sim Only you can choose from 1 or 24 months. With 1 month you opt for ultimate flexibility. With 24 months you enjoy extra cost savings.
Lebara supplies the 3-in-1 SIM card. From the frame of the 3-in-1 SIM card you can get a normal SIM card, micro SIM card or nano SIM card. Our SIM cards therefore fit into any mobile phone. If you order before 8 p.m. on weekdays, you will receive the SIM card the next day. Simply by mail, so you don't have to stay home for it. You have the right to cancel your contract up to 14 days after receiving the SIM card. Please contact our for this customer support.
Lebara uses KPN's 4G network. Our internet speeds are up to 25 mbps download and up to 10 mbps upload. Actual speeds depend on device, location and network pressure. Curious about the coverage in the Netherlands? View the coverage map.
When the calls, sms or texts run out, our of bundle tariffs apply. For more info read: Out of bundle tariffs.For the first 10 euro’s we will charge that on your subscription cost. After that you we disconnect the internet so you won’t get high costs. To buy more data go to te goed opwaarderen. Monitor the usage with the MyLebara app.
On android phones you can limit your data usage, go to: Settings -> Wifi & Internet -> Data usage -> Billing cycle and enter the same amount as your bundle on the monthly limit.
Your child can use the bundle on vacation in the EU, there is a Fair use Policy aplied. For more info readhere.
Is your question not listed? Find all the information about Sim Only.