Sim Only

Sim Only for kids: Flexible and affordable

Sim Only from Lebara is affordable and flexible and gives you full control over your costs and usage. That makes it a perfect choice for your kids. Now temporarily 50% discount for 6 months with 24 months:

1GB +

150 min/text

€ 6,00 € 3,00 per month

All subscriptions

Maximum out-of-bundle charges

You can easily see how many mb's, call minutes and SMSs you have left via MyLebara and the MyLebara app. Have you run out of bundle? Then you pay different rates up to a maximum of €25. We will always notify you by SMS when your bundle is almost empty.

Of course, you always remain reachable via phone and SMS. And buying a new bundle or extra bundle credit is a snap via the app or website.

Read more about maximum out-of-bundle charges here.

Always in control of your out-of-bundle costs

Would you like a bit more control over your out-of-bundle costs? Then for €0.50 a month, enable the data cap on MyLebara or the MyLebara app. With this extra option, you can't use mobile data when your data bundle runs out, and therefore never incur extra charges for data outside your bundle.

More information

You decide which day your contract will start. Activate your sim card by clicking the link in the confirmation email. Or set it up through the MyLebara app. Have you requested to keep your number? Then activate your subscription on the day your number is being transferred.

With Sim Only you can either choose for a 24 month contract with even bigger savings, or for a flexible monthly rolling contract that will go on for as long as you want to. With both subcriptions you can increase or decrease the value every month free of charge.

Would you like to sign up for an additional subscription? That’s possible. You can just fill in your personal details again when ordering. If you have signed up for a different subscription before, we will ask you to use a different email address.

An extra subscription is great if you want a second subscription for someone else. So it’s a convenient option for childeren, administrators or employers.

Lebara also offers you a free service which means you can go to a maximum of 25 euro out-of-bundle costs each month. This way you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised by a high invoice.

Has your bundle run out? Then you will pay different rates. Check those rates on our rates page. You can top up your calling credit at any time, buy a data bundle or turn on unlimited calls and texts via MyLebara or the MyLebara app. That's a lot more affordable.

You can incur a maximum of 25 euros in out-of-bundle charges. After that, you can no longer make calls, send texts or use mobile internet. You can still receive calls and text messages. We will always notify you by SMS when your credit is almost depleted.

Purchased or renewed a 24-month Sim Only subscription before 14 July 2022? Then different credits and rates apply. Check those here. For calls to service numbers (such as 0900 numbers) you pay extra. These are always outside your bundle and can be found under 'Usage outside your bundle' on your invoice.

All bundles are valid for one month and automatically renew each month.