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Why a Sim Only for a child?

Children from the age of 10 are using smartphones more regularly. With the Lebara Sim Only your child can always call you with unlimited calls & texts.

We recommend 5 or 7 gigabytes of data, children are using a phone for more than just calling. School are using online applications for time-tables and agenda’s. At home and some school there is a Wi-Fi connection. An additional 5 or 7 gigabytes is enough for normal usage to last the month.


Lebara grows!

Like your child Lebara will grow with them. For those months they use a bit more they can easily buy a bit more data. If they are using more data every month, the Sim Only is easily upgraded. Lebara Sim Only for a child is monthly rolling.

Tip for the parents:

Call our customer support for disabling paid phone-numbers, this way you won’t see unexpected cost due to paid phone-numbers.


It's easy as 1, 2, 3

Choose your Sim Only
Customize your contract according to your needs
Activate your SIM
Activate your SIM by clicking on the activation link in your mail
Start right away
After activating your SIM you are good to go