Adjust your bundle for free

 People always want to fix things. Why so predictable? Decide it by the moment! Use what you need. Sometimes a month more, sometimes a month less. For example, start with 5GB + 150 minutes + 150 texts for €10 per month. Every month you can up- or downgrade your Lebara Sim Only bundle for free. Questions? You can find all the answers here. 

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Calling Fred!

Influencer of the year: Vjèze Fur, has been online so many times that he completely got a weak wrist, so we asked Fred: Wouldn't it be nice to be a #monthless online? He liked the idea. In January he went for a #monthless. And in February a #monthmore. Check on Instagram what Fred did during those two months:

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Lebara Stickers

The mindset of a month more month less applies to a lot of other things besides data. Show it. Say it with stickers! You can find them in the Boomerang shelfs. Or paste them digitally via Instagram and Whatsapp! How? Add a GIF to your Instagram story (keyword 'Lebara').



 #adjustyourbundleforfree - That's real freedom.

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