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Adjust your bundle for free

 People always want to fix things. Why so predictable? Decide it by the moment! Use what you need. Sometimes a month more, sometimes a month less. For example, start with 5GB and unlimited calling for €10 per month. Every month you can up- or downgrade your Lebara Sim Only bundle for free. Questions? You can find all the answers here. 

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Calling Fred!

Influencer of the year: Vjèze Fur, has been online so many times that he completely got a weak wrist, so we asked Fred: Wouldn't it be nice to be a #monthless online? He liked the idea. Now he has plenty of time for lots of other fun things. And later he can always do a #monthmore. If you miss Vjèze in January and you are wondering what he's doing: just call him! Call Fred on the 22th of January between 16pm-16:30pm. You can find his number on @lebara.nl.

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Lebara Stickers

The mindset of a month more month less applies to a lot of other things besides data. Show it. Say it with stickers! You can find them in January in the Boomerang racks. Or paste them digitally via Instagram and Whatsapp! How? Add a GIF to your Instagram story (keyword 'Lebara'). The Whatsapp stickers will soon be available on this page.



 #adjustyourbundleforfree - That's real freedom.

What's stopping you? - Lebara - Unstoppable