Sim Only

Switching from Prepaid to

Sim Only

Switching with Lebara

Want to save even more and never have to top up manually again? Switch to Sim Only! Visit our website or use the MyLebara app to switch today. You number and SIM card stay exactly the same. And your remaining Prepaid credit will be credited to your new Sim Only account.

Switch in just 5 minutes

  1. Choose your Sim Only plan
    You can always change your plan free of charge.
  2. Go through to the checkout
    With your current number.
  3. Activate it when you want to
    You can start calling, texting and using data straight away.

All the advantages at a glance

  1. Save even more on calling, texting and data than with Prepaid.
  2. Monthly payments instead of manual top up.
  3. Increase or decrease your bundle each month for free.
  4. Choose from many extra add-ons, like unlimited calling.

Discover MyLebara

Want to adjust your Sim Only bundle for free, check your usage, adjust your details or invoice and change your details? All of this can be done via MyLebara; online or via the app.

Or download the app

Scan the QR-code with your phone and download the app right away.

Or download de app

More information

You decide which day your contract will start. Activate your sim card by clicking the link in the confirmation email. Or set it up through the MyLebara app. Have you requested to keep your number? Then activate your subscription on the day your number is being transferred.

With Sim Only you can either choose for a 24 month contract with even bigger savings, or for a flexible monthly rolling contract that will go on for as long as you want to. With both subcriptions you can increase or decrease the value every month free of charge.

Switching from Lebara Prepaid to Sim Only? We'll transfer your remaining credit to your new subscription. You'll only use this credit once you've used up all the data from your Sim Only plan. So, no need to purchase additional credit.

Do you want to switch to Lebara and keep your current number? No worries! It's free and easy. When placing your order, just remember to indicate that you want to keep your old number. After your contract is set up, we'll email you a request form that you need to fill out in order to keep your old number. We'll send you a text message to let you know once your number has been transferred. Then, you're all ready to start calling, texting and using data right away. We'll also cancel your contract with your old provider for you. That way, you'll never pay any double fees, and you'll always be within reach.

All bundles are valid for one month and automatically renew each month.