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5GB +

150 min/text

9,00 €4,50 per month

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5GB + Unlimited min 3GB + Unlimited min 3GB + Unlimited min 5GB + Unlimited min

Total per month

€8.75 €17.50 €17 €17.50

Yearly costs

€112.50 €235 €229 €271

One-time connection fee

Free €25 €25 €25

Competitor surcharge

+ €220 + €208 + €292

Reference date 16-6-2022

Our customers say


The support was provided in a fast and professional way.

November 16 2022


Excellent service, very customer -oriented provider

November 18 2022


Had a telephone call with Lebara and the lady was very helpful and explained the whole process and guide me on the website what to do and also when I receive my SIM what I should do next. I received my SIM within a day and keeping my number was also a breeze, no hiccups. I would definitely recommend them, their service is tops.!

November 21 2022

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