Get a SIM-card suitable for 4G I Lebara
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Order your 4G-ready SIM!

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Would you like to use mobile internet at 4G speed? Is your current Lebara SIM-card not suitable for 4G usage?
Then simply order a free Lebara 4G-ready SIM-card. You will receive a 3-in-1 SIM-card that is suitable for all available devices.


Before ordering, please check if your current Lebara SIM-card and your device are suitable for 4G by texting 4G to 8800 (there is no charge for sending this message).


Within a few moments you will receive a message back from Lebara that will tell you if your SIM-card and device are suitable for 4G.


In case your SIM-card is not suitable for 4G, you can order your free Lebara 4G-ready SIM-card here


After you received and activated your new 4G-ready SIM-card, you can apply for transferring your current phone number and credit to your new Lebara SIM-card.


You can request your 4G SIM card here

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