Ready for 4G? Replace your SIM card

Benefits of a new Sim card: 

  • Super fast 4G internet 
  • Better reachability and call quality 
  • Fewer issues and failures 
  • Compliant with the latest security updates 
Number transferred? Credit as a thank you!
Step 1

Request Free 4G SIM card

Make the most of our improved 4G network. Request a 4G SIM card for free and receive it within 2 working days.

Step 2

Activate SIM card and transfer credit

Have you received your new SIM card? Place it in your phone and call 1244 to activate it. Then use your old SIM card and transfer your number with the button below. Your credit and/or bundle automatically transfers to your new card for free.

If you no longer have your old SIM card then contact us.

Why do I need a new SIM card?

From April 1st, Lebara will continue to use the improved 4G network. This is safer, more stable and faster. Of course, we want you to remain accessible. For that, you need a new 4G SIM card. Swap your old SIM card for a new one free of charge.

Want to see if your phone is ready for 4G? Do the check here.

Will I remain reachable without 4G?

Of course you will! You will then automatically use the outdated 2G network. This has a number of limitations.

Slooooooow internet

Sending a Whatsapp message is possible, but images, music and videos cannot be handled by the outdated network. 

No simultaneous calling and internet

Internet, listening to music or using social media: as soon as you receive a call, your connection is lost.

Less secure connection

The outdated network does not receive any security updates. Your connection is therefore less secure.

In-store assistance

Having trouble? At selected Lebara stores we can help you replace your SIM card and transfer your number. Check the store finder to see where you can go by choosing 'Replace SIM card'.

Frequently asked questions

If you got an email from us to replace your SIM card and do this within 10 days then you get free credit! This will happen automatically when you transfer your number to a 4G SIM card. It can take up to 48 hours to receive the data after the number transfer and it will be valid for 29 days. Check your credit in MyLebara with the MyLebara app.

Text 4G to 8800 to find out if you need to replace your SIM card

Then you use the 2G network which has bad audio quality and slow internet speeds. Calling and using the internet at the same time is not possible.

The 2G network will remain active until at least April 2025.

On 1 April, KPN deactivated the outdated 3G network to make more room for the 4G network. This network is a lot faster, more stable and safer. Due to the adjustments to the network, it is possible that you may experience temporary interruption.

To make use of the 4G network, you will need a 4G SIM card and a 4G device. Don't have a SIM card or are you using a phone that is not suitable for 4G? Then you will automatically use the 2G network. You cannot make calls and use the internet at the same time on this network.

Of course! Transfer your current number to your new SIM card here. Your call credit and/or bundle transfers to your new SIM card automatically.

We aim to carry out the SIM swap within 1 working day. As soon as your old SIM card has been disconnected from the network, your number will be on your new SIM card within 10 minutes. You can check this by calling *149#.

Your call credit and/or bundle transfers to your new SIM card automatically.

You remain reachable, but on the outdated 2G network. The sound quality is not great and your internet speed is very slow. It is not possible to call and use the internet at the same time.