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Welcome to Lebara!

Dial 1244 to activate your SIM card. Then choose Prepaid or Sim Only and start calling, texting and using mobile data immediately.


With Prepaid you only pay for what you use.

Get 3x

the credit

  • Pay for €10 in credit, but get €30
  • Never expires
  • Call worldwide

Double the data

on all data bundles

  • For when you only need data
  • Always good coverage
  • Superfast 4G internet from KPN

Extra data

with All in NL

  • Get even more free data
  • Free calling to other Lebara numbers
  • Cheaper calls, texts and mobile internet

Sim Only

Extra cheap, just as flexible

With Sim Only, you save even more than with Prepaid. You can increase or decrease your bundle every month free of charge—without extra costs or hassle. Want to stay flexible? Then choose a monthly rolling subscription. Or save even more with a two-year subscription.

  • Best-tested network from KPN
  • Not satisfied? Refund!
  • Adjust every month for free

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