Replacement SIM card

Is your SIM card lost, broken, stolen or not suitable for 4G? No problem. We’ll transfer your current Lebara phone number and credit to a new SIM card for you, free of charge. Your calling credit and/or bundles will automatically transfer to your new SIM card. Read more below to find out how.



Blocking your old SIM card

Is your SIM card stolen or lost? For your own safety, please contact us about this. We will then block your old SIM card to prevent it from being used unlawfully.


Requesting a new SIM card

Once your old SIM card has been blocked, you can pick up a new SIM card from a Lebara retail outlet near you or request one online. Either way, it’s always free of charge. And don't worry: there’s always a Lebara retail outlet in your neighbourhood.

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There are a few steps that you’ll need to follow when requesting a replacement SIM card. It might help you to bookmark this page, save it in your favourites or send yourself the link so you can always easily find it when you need it.


Activating your SIM

Received your new SIM? Make sure you activate it first by calling to 1244 (free of charge).


Transferring your number

Still in possession of your old SIM? In that case, you can activate your new SIM directly online. Lost your old SIM? If so, please contact our customer service.