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On this page you will find all the rates for Sim Only and Prepaid. You can also quickly see what you pay to call to or in other countries.

The rates listed on this page always include 21% VAT

Sim Only

1 GB  + 150 min + sms 6,-
3 GB  + 150 min + sms 8,-
5 GB  + 150 min + sms 9,-
10 GB  + 150 min + sms 12,-
15 GB  + 150 min + sms 15,-
20 GB  + 150 min + sms 18,-

The prices shown above are the monthly fees you pay when you have a 2-year subscription. Would you rather have a monthly rolling subscription? If so, then you pay €1 extra each month.

Add-ons for your bundle

Unlimited calling and texting 1,-
Double your 4G internet speed 0,50
Unlimited calling to 44 countries 5,-

Do you regularly travel abroad? Choose the International Calling add-on. Then you can call and text for free to 44 countries. Activate or deactivate this add-on whenever you want in MyLebara.

Out-of-bundle costs

Lebara is changing the out-of-bundle rates and your maximum costs outside your bundle as of 13 December 2022. More info on this page.

Mobile numbers 0,09 per minute
Landline 0,01 per minute
Free Lebara to Lebara Free
Texting 0,12 per message
Mobile data 0,01 per MB
Starting rate from 0,12 per call
Voicemail (1233) 0,12 per call

Prefer not to pay an out-of-bundle charge? Then top up your credit yourself. That is a lot more affordable.

Lebara limits your out-of-bundle calling to €10 per month. This keeps your out-of-bundle costs to a minimum, so you never have any unpleasant surprises on your monthly phone bill.

Service numbers

0800-numbers Free
0900-numbers Bundle rate   + service number rate
0909-numbers Bundle rate   + service number rate
0906-numbers Bundle rate   + service number rate
18-numbers Bundle rate   + service number rate
1233 Free

You pay extra when you call service numbers (such as a company’s customer service hotline). That means you pay extra costs to the service number provider on top of the the usual costs you pay to Lebara.

To (or from) which country?

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Frequently asked questions

Of course! It’s easy to buy additional data or calling bundles via MyLebara or in the MyLebara app.

Your usage is calculated per call minute, text, or 100 kB of data.

Have you used your entire bundle and not bought an extra one? Then you pay the out-of-bundle rate until the €10 call limit is reached. After that, you can no longer use data, make calls or send texts. You can, of course, still receive calls and texts.

Sim Only

Within the European Union (incl. Switzerland and the United Kingdom), you can use your bundle to make calls and send texts to other EU countries or use mobile data at no extra cost. We will always send you a text message when you reach 80% and 100% of your calling minutes, text messages or data usage.

Different rates apply outside the EU. Check them here.


Do you use Prepaid and want to call abroad from the Netherlands? Then you need one of the following Prepaid products:

  • 10=20
  • Lebara One
  • All in International
With the All in International bundle, you can call and text from the Netherlands to 44 countries at the same rate as to the Netherlands. You can’t make calls and send texts to countries that are not included in the bundle.

Mobile internet

With Prepaid, you can surf the internet within the European Union (incl. Switzerland and the United Kingdom) at the same low rates as at home. Further from home? Outside the EU, you can only use data with 10=20 or Lebara One. Other rates also apply.

For Sim Only, the maximum speed is 75 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload. For Prepaid, there is a maximum speed of 25 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload for All in NL, All in International and data bundles.

Always make sure that the data roaming option is on. You can find it in the settings of your phone. Is it still not working? Then turn your phone off and on again.

Any questions? Please contact us.