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Sim Only

You have subscription

We are proud of our competitive rates for calling, texting and internet. And that we use the best tested network in the Netherlands. Discover for yourself and sign up for a Sim Only contract now. Still not convinced? If you cancel your contract within thirty days after activation via this form, we will refund the full amount (excl. out of bundle costs) to your account without any hassle. Also if you switch from prepaid.

You can find more information on this page.

Change bundle

You can adjust your data bundle each month for free in MyLebara.

Adjustments that you make to your bundle will take effect on the first day of the following month. Add-ons are activated immediately. Do you want to deactivate an add-on? You can simply do that yourself. After you deactivate an add-on, you will no longer be able to use it, starting on the first day of the following month.

Read more here about adjusting your bundle.


In MyLebara you can see when you can renew your subscription. You can do that immediately online. You can renew up to 4 months before your 2-year subscription expires. You can also switch from a monthly rolling subscription to a 24-month subscription. In both cases, you get the first 2 months of Sim Only for free. Of course, you can also renew at one of our retail outlets.


Do you want to cancel your Sim Only subscription and transfer your number to another provider? If so, then you do not need to cancel your subscription. Simply ask your new provider to transfer your number. They will take care of the rest.

Cancel without keeping your number

If you want to cancel your Sim Only subscription without transferring your number to another provider, you can take care of this yourself in MyLebara. Your SIM card and phone number will then automatically be switched back to Lebara Prepaid. After that, you can top up credit any time, if you wish.


You will pay a buy-out amount if you cancel your Sim Only subscription before your contract has expired. This includes the amount you owe for the remaining months of your contract, as well as monthly costs and any unpaid bills that you still owe. Contact our customer service to organise this.

Have you (almost) used all your bundle? You can easily buy new data bundles and extra minutes online or using the app.

If you have used all your bundle, you will be charged at the out-of-bundle rate for any services you use. This rate is 9 cents per minute (calling), 12 cents per text message and 1 cent per MB of data. You will be charged at this rate until you reach an out-of-bundle limit of 10 euros. After you reach this 10 euro limit, you can no longer call, send text messages or use data. Of course, you can still receive incoming calls and text messages.

We always send you a text message to inform you when you have used 80% and 100% of your minutes, texts or data bundle.

Inside the EU (plus Switzerland and the United Kingdom), you do not pay any extra costs for calling and sending text messages to other EU countries or using mobile internet. We always send you a text message to inform you when you have used 80% and 100% of your minutes, texts or data bundle. Have you used all your bundle? If so, then the out-of-bundle rate will apply to any services you use. You will be charged at this rate until you reach an out-of-bundle limit of 10 euros. After you reach this 10 euro limit, you can no longer call, send text messages or use data. Of course, you can still receive incoming calls and text messages.

Outside the EU, other rates apply. You can find these here.


Your invoice is paid through automated billing (direct debit). The amount is deducted from your bank account around the 23rd of each month. You can always view your invoices in MyLebara.

On your first bill, you may be charged more than the amount you pay for your standard monthly plan. This is because at Lebara you always pay one month in advance. If you've started your plan midway through the month, you'll see a full monthly amount (plus activation costs) charged to your bank account. Don’t worry though: on your next bill, we’ll calculate the days in which your plan was not yet activated and subtract them from the second invoice amount.

Want to learn more about your invoice? Find the invoice explained here 

Change bank account number

If you want to change the bank account number linked to your account, please send your request [email protected]. Make sure to include a copy of your ID and debitcard.

Late on payment

Are you late on a payment? Pay your bill quickly and conveniently using iDeal. You can do this in MyLebara or by clicking the payment link that we sent you by email.

If you would like to know more about our SIM Only rates then take a look at our rates page.

Start saving with a 24-month Sim Only plan. For six months, you’ll receive a 50% discount on each of your monthly bills! 5 GB + unlimited calling for €5 You can adjust your data bundle and add-ons during these 6 months. For example, if you have 5 GB and unlimited calling for €5 and change your bundle to 7 GB and unlimited calling, then you will pay €7 the next month. Check terms and conditions here.



You do your own top up

You pay for the entire 3+1 bundle in advance. That means you only pay once for 3 months of credit. After 3 months, you get the 4th month completely free!

The 3+1 bundle is not valid in combination with Lebara prepaid promotions (such as extra data or with other bundle products), or with campaigns where you receive extra credit after sending a text message.

See for a complete overview of the prepaid conditions.

There are plenty of ways to top up your credit. You can do so through online, the app or per sms. Or feel free to drop by at any of our 9.000 stores.

Do you want to know how much credit you have left? Dial 1244 and select option 2. You can also check your credit in MyLebara and in the app. app. You'll find more information about checking your remaining credit here.

Credit from Lebara never expires. However, you must either top up your credit, make a call, send a text message or use mobile data once every 90 days.

If you do not do this, your services will be blocked. After that, please top up your credit within 30 days or else your number will be permanently disabled. This is stated in Article 3.6 of the General Terms and Conditions.

Calling & texting

Do you want to use your Prepaid service to call from the Netherlands to another country? If so, then you will need one of the following Prepaid products:

  • - 10=20
  • - Lebara One
  • - All in International

With the All in International bundle, you can call and send text messages from the Netherlands to 44 other countries for the same rate as you pay inside the Netherlands. You cannot call or send text messages to countries that are not included in your bundle.

Mobile internet With Prepaid, you can use mobile data anywhere in the European Union (including Switzerland and the United Kingdom) for the same low rates as at home in the Netherlands.

Travelling outside the EU? Outside the EU, you can only use mobile data if you have 10=20 or Lebara One. You will also be charged different rates for this.

Want to learn more about our Prepaid rates? Learn more about it here.

Switching from Lebara Prepaid to Sim Only is super easy. Choose your subscription and add-ons and then click ‘Order’. After that, you can immediately specify whether you want to switch and keep using your existing Prepaid SIM card and phone number.

As soon as your order is complete, we’ll send you an email with an activation link. Once you click the activation link, you can immediately start using your new Sim Only bundle. This is simply added to your old SIM card. Did you choose to receive a new phone number? If so, then you will receive a letter from us in the post, containing your new SIM card.

Find out more about switching from Prepaid to SIM Only here.


SIM card & Voicemail

Everyhting about your SIM card

Activating Prepaid

Dial 1244 for free to activate your Prepaid SIM..

Activating Sim Only

If you are using SIM Only, click the activation link in the email we sent you when you completed your order. By clicking the link in the email, you activate your SIM. Didn’t receive our email? Be sure to check in your spam folder. Your plan starts as soon as your SIM is activated. Did you request to keep your old number? If so, then please wait until we notify you that your number has successfully been transferred before you activate your SIM.

Recplacing your SIM card

Is your SIM broken, stolen, damaged or not 4G-compatible? No problem. We will transfer your current Lebara phone number and credit to a new SIM. You can request this online if you have and own both SIM cards.

First, order a new SIM. Have you received your new SIM? Follow the steps at this page to transfer your account details.

Blocking your SIM Card

Is your SIM card stolen or lost? Contact us first.

Pinode, pukcode and ICCID

Your PIN code, PUK code and ICCID are on the card your SIM card comes in. Have you lost this card? You can always request these codes from customer services.

Checking your own number

You can check your number by dialling *149#. Your number will now appear in the screen.

3-in-1 SIM card

There are different types of SIM cards. That's why when you purchase a SIM card from Lebara, you will receive three different sizes: standard (1), micro (2) and macro (3). This means you always have the right SIM card for your device at hand. You'll find the different sizes on the back of the SIM card holder and you can press out the right size.

Dial 1233 to set up and listen to your voicemail.

From another country/phone

To listen to your voicemail outside the Netherlands or from a different phone, call +31612001233. Then enter your Lebara phone number and PIN. This is only possible when you've already configured your voicemail in the Netherlands.

Switching voicemail on or off

Don’t want to use voicemail? To switch your voicemail on, dial 12331 or text 'AAN'to 1233. To switch your voicemail off, dial 12339 or text 'UIT'to 1233.

You’ll find more information about voicemail here.

While you are in one call, you can still simply receive and answer other calls. That means you never have to worry about missing an important call. You can choose whether to answer or reject incoming calls. You can also choose between ending your current call or switching back and forth between 2 calls at once.

Dial *43#to switch this service on or off.


Super fast 4G via KPN

Inside the Netherlands, Lebara uses the reliable, super-fast KPN 4G network. The actual speed of your connection depends on your device, your SIM card, the local provider and the amount of traffic on the network.

On this map you can check the coverage in your area.

Sim Only

The standard maximum connection speeds for your Sim Only subscription are 75 Mbps (download) and 25 Mbps (upload). Did you start your Sim Only subscription after 2 June? If so, then you can activate an add-on to double your mobile internet connection speed to 150 Mbps for just 50 cents per month. This add-on activates immediately. If you deactivate it, this will take effect starting on the first day of the following calendar month.


10=20 and Lebara One offer maximum connection speeds of 10 Mbps (download) and 2 Mbps (upload) All in NL, All in International and data bundles offer maximum connection speeds of 25 Mbps (download) and 10 Mbps (upload).

Insert your SIM and switch on your phone. Your phone should automatically select the correct internet connection settings. If not, you can select the settings manually. Go to the APN settings on your phone and type in ‘internet’. Restart your phone. After that, the correct settings should be automatically selected.


Delivery via PostNL


You usually receive your order within 2 working days. Shipment is always free of charge. Has it been more than 3 business days and you still haven't Have you already received your new SIM? If so, then please contact our customer service customer service.

Cancelling your order

Want to cancel your order? Contact our customer service and please have your order number to hand.

If you placed your order online or over the phone, you can cancel for free any time within 14 days of activating your Sim Only subscription. We will charge you for any costs that you incurred during that time for calling, sending text messages or using data.

We’re happy to hear you’d like to switch to Lebara. It’s super easy to switch. Go here to select your plan and add-ons. You can also let us know right away if you want to keep your old number. Once your number has been transferred, you can start calling, texting and using data. We’ll cancel your old contract for you. That way, you won’t pay extra and everyone can still reach you. You can request number porting max. 4 months in advance.

Sim Only

When placing your order, you can specify whether you want to keep using your old number. We will then send you an email with a link to the request form for keeping your number.

You can only request to keep your old number if your contract is due to expire within 4 months. As soon as your number is transferred, we will send you a text message to let you know. After that, you can start calling, sending text messages and using mobile data right away with your new Sim Only subscription. Plus, we’ll even cancel your contract with your old provider. That way, you don’t have to worry about double costs or being out of reach.


First, order your new Lebara SIM card for free. Then, request to transfer your old number We’ll send you a text message to let you know when your number has been transferred. After that, dial 1244 to activate your new SIM card.

You must be at least 18 years old to sign up for a SIM Only plan. There is no minimum age for Prepaid.

KWhen setting up your subscription, choose the option for a business subscription. After that, enter the name of your company. Click here to find out more, or get started right away with the business subscription that’s right for you.

With MyLebara, you can top up your account at any time and you have insight into your costs and usage. Creating an account is easy and gives you access to our super convenient MyLebara app.

Forgot password
Did you forget your MyLebara password? No problem! On the login page you can easily request a new password by clicking 'forgot password'. We'll send you a link to reset your password.

Forgotten your username? Please contact Customer Service.

Lebara offers refurbished phones in collaboration with Recommerce. All Recommerce smartphones are unlocked, certified and undamaged, and all data has been deleted. They have been checked and extensively tested.

Do you have a question or need help with your refurbished phone? Then please contact Recommerce’s customer service.

Store finder

Get a free SIM card, top-up or buy a Sim Only subscription? With more than 9.000 stores we are always near you!

Store finder

Get a free SIM card, top-up or buy a Sim Only subscription? With more than 9.000 stores we are always near you!

Discover MyLebara

Want to adjust your Sim Only bundle for free, check your usage, adjust your details or invoice and change your details? All of this can be done via MyLebara; online or via the app.

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