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Difference between Prepaid and Sim Only

We’re happy to explain the difference between Prepaid and Sim Only!

Sim Only

Sim Only is a mobile subscription without a device. With Sim Only, you can call, text and go online at super-low rates. Your bundles are topped up on the first day of every month,

so you pay the fixed price for your chosen bundle and extras every month. And Lebara lets you change your bundle every month for free. That means you always have the flexibility you need.

Why choose Sim Only?

  • Cheaper than Prepaid
  • Free monthly changes (also downwards)
  • Not satisfied? Refund!


With Prepaid, you don’t have a fixed subscription. Instead, you buy prepaid credit that you can use to call, text and go online. That means you know exactly how much you’re spending!

However, the rates are higher than for Sim Only. If you run out of credit, you can top it up online, via our app, or at one of our 9,000 retail outlets.

KPN’s 4G network

Whether you choose a super-cheap Sim Only plan or top up your Prepaid account yourself, you always use KPN’s 4G network.