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What is the difference between Prepaid and Sim Only?

Read here about the difference between Prepaid and Sim Only (Postpaid) and which of the two suits you best!


simkaart What is Sim Only (Postpaid)?

Sim Only is a subscription that you can use for calling, sending text messages and using the internet. You'll receive a sim card from Lebara and you provide a mobile phone yourself. With a Sim Only subscription you can choose from different bundles and you pay a fixed amount per month. Sim Only is also called postpaid, which means that you pay afterwards. With Lebara you can change your bundle every month for free in the MyLebara environment.


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simkaart What is Prepaid?

With Prepaid you can call, text and internet for a fixed rate. This is a higher rate than with Sim Only. You buy credit in advance and if you finish those credits you can only be called. Lebara provides you with a sim card and you provide a mobile phone yourself.


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Difference between Prepaid & Sim Only

Difference Sim Only

Sim Only

Difference Prepaid


Low rates High rates
Postpaid Prepaid
Unlimited calls & text with 5, 7 en 10GB Free calls from Lebara to Lebara
Perfect for the heavy user Ideal for the small user
Monthly costs One-time purchases



Advantages of Sim Only

Do you use your mobile phone a lot? Do you always want to be available? And no longer having to think about topping up your credit? Then Sim Only fits you. With Sim Only you are able to call, text and internet for a low rate. The larger your bundle, the cheaper the rate per minute, sms and mb. At Lebara you can adjust your bundle every month for free (up and down). In addition, you can always keep calling, texting and using the internet, even when you finish your bundle. Sim Only is also suitable for your child. Or if you are looking for a cheap subscription as a student.



Advantages of Prepaid

Don't you call, text or use the internet very often? And are you the one that is rather called by someone else? Then Prepaid is something for you! If you don't use Prepaid, you will not pay. When your credit is finished, you can no longer call, send text messages and use the internet. This ensures that you cannot incur any additional costs. In addition, with Prepaid you can always switch to another provider; you are not committed to anything. Prepaid is also very suitable for when you go abroad for a shorter period.


FAQ about Prepaid vs. Sim Only

Now that you know that Sim Only is the best choice when you look at rates, you naturally want to be able to compare these rates yourself.

You can find the rates for Prepaid and Sim Only here.

Call credit from Lebara (Lebara One and 10 = 20) has no expiration date. Keep in mind that you must use your SIM card at least once every 90 days to keep it active. Prepaid data bundles are valid for 30 days, except for the 500mb bundle. This bundle is valid for 28 days. All All in NL and All in International bundles are also valid for 30 days.

All Sim Only bundles (2GB, 5GB, 7GB and 10GB) are valid for 1 month.

If you switch from Lebara Prepaid to Sim Only, your remaining credit will be credited as extra credit. When you have switched, you first use your Sim Only bundle and then your remaining prepaid credit. For example, have you run out of your Sim Only data and did you still have prepaid data credit for this period. Then you can use those credits instead of buying a Sim Only topup bundle.

Switching with your current number (also from another provider) is easy, fast and free at Lebara! During your order you can indicate that you want to keep your number. Order your Sim Only and we will immediately send you an email with an application form for number portability. After filling out this form, we will send you an text message when your number is transferred. From that moment you can call and use the internet with your new Sim Only subscription. We will cancel your old contract, so you will not incur double costs and you will always remain reachable.


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